Is your property being watched by someone that understands and cares about your investment?

Check out our HOME WATCH Services!

Do you have a handyman that can address small issues so they don't become big repairs?

Add our HANDYMAN Services to your plan!

Are your scheduled services being accomplished or is someone overseeing your improvements or repairs?


Do you have elderly parents that live or take extended vacations in the Sarasota area and often worry about them?

Ask about our "NEW" Silver Watch SERVICES!

Home Away Services of Sarasota...

Where someone you can trust is always home.

Do you have an unoccupied second home or rental property near Sarasota or Manatee?

    If so, wouldn't you like to have peace of mind knowing that your property is being taken care of and that you have someone to call for any services needed?  I take great pride in being honest, having integrity and being dependable.

Do you have someone that can pick you up at the airport, accept deliveries or accomplish other tasks?

Take advantage of our CONCIERGE SERVICES!

My name is Donald Kees, I am a 20 year military veteran and recently retired from the FBI. I was also a general contractor for 10 years and have built many homes. I personally own property in one state while living in another. I lost sleep many nights worrying about the property I own. Recently, I moved to Sarasota and am offering my home watch services to those who own an unoccupied second home and/or rental property in the Sarasota area.

Not only am I offering my services by providing a Home Watch Service, I am also utilizing my  past government experience along with my contracting experience to offer a Property Management Service, a Handyman Service and a Concierge Service. Our clients include:

     Snow Birds

     Rental Owners

     Vacation Home Owners

     Small Businesses

We will design a package to meet your service needs. Choose one or combination of our services to protect your investment.  Then you can have a good night's sleep knowing someone you trust is watching over your investment.