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Where someone you can trust is always home.

Contact us to establish a “Silver Watch” for your family member. We will develop a visiting schedule that will meet your needs.

We have started a new program called “Silver Watch.” It is a service that is designed to provide the family of Snow Birds or Retirees with someone local to depend upon. More and more independent seniors are moving to the Sarasota area and are hundreds of miles from their families. With our “Silver Watch” program we will support their independence with a local person they can trust. Too often, seniors can be taken advantage of because they are new to the area. Our visits will provide them with someone local, they can trust and depend on. This could be on scheduled visits or when situations may arise. Maybe it is just a small handyman repair or errand that needs accomplished. Our visits will give you, the family member, peace of mind knowing you have a trustworthy individual you can contact to accomplish any of your requests. Friendships can be developed from our visits and it also relieves the Retiree or Snow Bird of any worries when living so far from their families. It is a win, win for all.

Do you have elderly parents that have retired and live in the Sarasota area or Snow Bird parents that spend their winters in Sarasota?

Do you worry about them being all alone?

Who would they call locally, if there was an emergency?

Now there is a solution that will ease these concerns.